About Connor Wilkinson

Hi, my name is Connor Wilkinson, I’m from East Yorkshire and this is my story.


Now, to you I might be just an normal day to day business man, to others who know me better, they think I’m someone who works 0 hours and spends my time in front of a tv screen.

But who knows the real me? If you was to ask someone who knew me most, parents, relatives, close friends and family friends they would say “Someone who spends too much time working and not enough socialising”.

I don’t see myself as any of these, to sum myself up, I would say I’m more of a 24 hour kind of guy. I separate my time wisely and spend every hour doing something I love and enjoy. I couldn’t ask myself for more, could I?

Let’s start from the beginning, I am a national and international figure skating champion. I have competed and medalled in the British Championships multiple times, which led me to being a member of the Great British figure skating team for 3 years running. In the time that I was a member of the squad I represented my country at many ‘high profiled’ international events in Poland, Luxembourg and Latvia, where I finished with a silver or gold medal in every one. Nationally I have been ranked consistently within the top 3 of my country throughout the time of my competitive career.

Read more on my figure skating achievements here.

In January 2012 I registered my first company ‘The Web Portfolio’. Since this date I have done work for all types of companies, ranging small to large. One of the biggest clients I have completed work for was a Cruise Line, others include travel agencies, small businesses, video production companies and not for profits.

What inspired me to start up my own business? how did I do it? was it worth it?

I have always been keen on knowing what money I’ve got, what I’ve spent it on and how much I could potentially get (projections).
Even as a young boy I had lists of how much I had in which bank and if I had any outgoings and incomings for the month.

One of the many reasons I decided to create my own path was not only to shed more insight on my dreams, but to also show people that I’m not just some spoilt child and show that I want to work for my success, not be handed it on a plate. Another reason I have taken my own path is so I can repay my parent for everything they have done for me, as a child you don’t realise how important gratitude is. I want to show them I can do everything I have dreamed of and it is because of them that I am where I am today.

One of my company and work recommendations:

The Web Portfolio offers high-quality service that goes beyond standard web design. It creates affordable, impactful websites that are completely bespoke. Customer care is a high priority and The Web Portfolio has a flexible approach to clients’ needs; Connor loves a technological challenge. The Web Portfolio individually tailors its approach ensuring unique designs that can be easily managed by the client.

Most web design projects that I am approached with are Brochure Style Designs, Enquiry Only or eCommerce. Other work I have completed includes parsing XML documents, importing into databases such as MySQL, integration into payment gateways such as PayPal & Nochex, Online Booking Engines for Travel Agencies, Bespoke Content Management Systems; Bespoke Customer Relationship Management Systems, Facebook Applications, Mobile & Tablet Optimised Websites and more!

Read more about The Web Portfolio here.

In September 2012, Connor and his father Nick both bought an ice skating shop in Hull (Skaters Edge).
The shop based inside the Hull Arena is the only shop selling high-end ice skating gear in Hull.

Connor and Nick have an extensive knowledge of all branches of skating and believe that the service provided at Skaters Edge is second to none. Whether it be figure, dance, hockey, syncro or indeed in-line skating Skaters Edge always do their best to satisfy their customers.

You will always get small-minded people who won’t understand your audacious dreams. Don’t let them discourage you. Work hard and surround yourself with people who will push you to dream bigger dreams!

The best dig I I’ve heard “……. a skate shop, your hardly in”.

Read more about Skaters Edge here.

In October 2013 Connor and Nick made their next investment.
The investment was of a 7.5 metre Larson Cabrio 240 Motor Cruiser. The boat is a second office for Connor and a perfect place to take family, friends and clients for a day

My Pride and Joy

Larson Cabrio 240 ‘Freespirit’

I always find myself roped into projects, time or no time on my schedule I complete them within the deadline time! I complain, moan and most defiantly grumble but I NEVER give up. In short terms, if I was to promise someone the world, their is no way I would ever find my self giving up hope of one day doing so.

Speaking to a customer for the first time is always a buzz. The first few words as I first introduce myself to them “My name is Connor Wilkinson, I’m a young entrepreneur and an National and International Figure Skating Champion”. (This is where people are normally intrigued to know more).

Normally the meeting or conversation will rapidly shift from small petty talk into a massive rave and phenomenon on how at just 19 years of age I could of have achieved so much. My title I would say defiantly defeats all small talk, everyone wants to know more and see more; “have you got pictures, videos, anything you can show us?!”.

In January 2014 I joined Feld Entertainment’s Disney on Ice.
During my time in Disney on Ice I have portrayed various roles including character, acting and ensemble work. Throughout my time with the company so far, I have travelled across America, Canada and Europe. More updates to come through my blog!

So thats my life right now. I will try my best to post updates to my blog regularly, please see more of my posts here.

Please feel free to contact me anytime via LinkedIn profile or email: connor@thewebportfolio.com
Twitter: @ConnorWilk | Skype: @ConnorW14