Connor Wilkinson is a highly motivated entrepreneur with several business concerns.

Since leaving Howden secondary school in 2011 with 15 GCSE’s grade A-C, I have been a highly motivated entrepreneur. Working full time directly after school, I soon spotted a gap in the market for utilising my innate affinity with technology. After redesigning a website for my then employer, I began life as an entrepreneur launching innovative web design company, The Web Portfolio (TWP). In less than one year, I have developed this into an impressive business with over 25 wide-ranging clients.

In addition, I am developing an innovative new product, Live Stream Services (LSS), in partnership with an audio visual professional. This will enable sporting clubs and corporates to broadcast events and matches online. It has the potential to vastly increase audience members and generate an entirely new revenue channel for clients by creating a new advertising mechanism – e.g. football clubs could sell adverts to be broadcast on the channel online during half time.

My growing business empire extends into retail with my recent acquisition – along with a partner – of skating shop, Skaters Edge. Employing five staff, it stocks skating equipment at the keenest prices and offers a fully fitted workshop for grinding skates. Running this allows me to combine my entrepreneurial skills with another of my interests – I am also a national and international figure skating champion!

TWP offers high-quality service that goes beyond standard web design. It creates affordable, impactful websites that are completely bespoke. Customer care is a high priority and TWP has a flexible approach to clients’ needs; I love a technological challenge. TWP individually tailors its approach ensuring unique designs that can be easily managed by the client.

TWP works with existing sites too in terms of SEO and/or adding in features – such as content management systems and online shops. Long-term relationships with clients are developed thanks to on-going support systems as well as website and email hosting. TWP achieves all this while remaining affordable – sites are available from £99, there are generous discounts for not-for-profits and special packages for new businesses and fellow entrepreneurs. I’m highly driven and have also moved into retail plus product development with new technological marvel, LSS. My innovation here will vastly improve on current live stream products and utilises the latest technology. Thoughtfully designed to improve the audience’s experience, subscribers are virtually guaranteed their viewing will not be interrupted by any technical issues. There is 24-hour support if any problems do arise for subscribers and they can pause, rewind and re-watch events plus purchase DVD and Blu-ray copies.

Within one year I have built a successful design company, acquired and enhanced a retail business and rapidly developed a sophisticated and innovative broadcasting mechanism that is soon to go live.

With TWP Connor has swiftly picked up clients and brokered partnerships with organisations to amass a raft of clients that totals over 25 across private, public and third sectors. His range of clients include a cruise liner, a professional model, sports clubs, travel agencies and retailers to name but a few.

Rebuilding the website of his retail business, Skaters Edge, carrying out SEO and employing a social media strategy, I successfully increased online sales by 137% in just three months.
LSS shows early signs of success with one football club already signed up for a trial to broadcast matches and meetings are currently being held with a number of London-based sporting events who have expressed interest in becoming clients. LSS is unique and has potential to revolutionise the way major events are watched as well as creating an entirely new advertising stream for clients.

Despite my natural flair for commerce, I have been wise enough to take advice and success tips from his network of business leaders which includes Rosemary Conley.

His commitment to clients’ satisfaction has resulted in great feedback, customer referrals and repeat business for TWP. Thus far, TWP has created five new websites for returning customers. That, combined with the rapidity in which the company has amassed clients, points to a bright future.

Connor has breathed new life into Skaters Edge and will continue his already successful online marketing strategy for this enterprise thereby enhancing the retail outlet’s longevity.

LSS is sustainable as it has the potential to revolutionise the way events, particularly sporting meets, are viewed: envisage an online Sky Sports to picture the ambition! It improves radically on current offerings thanks to its sophisticated design which makes ‘crashing’ a near impossibility. It will enable clients to increase their audience reach and website hits AND generate a possible new advertising revenue for them. LSS utilises the very latest technology such as 4G and this ‘early adopter’ approach to emerging tools mean it will always stay ahead of the competition. It can currently broadcast any event across the UK – as ever though, I already have my eye on the next step ahead and aims to expand the service to broadcast worldwide!