Live Stream Services

Live Stream Services was founded in 2012 by Young Entrepreneur and National/International Figure Skater Connor Wilkinson and Video Production extraordinaire Terry Bradley.

We can provide you with everything you need to broadcast your event in real time around the globe.

We can do anything from full-scale production including film crew and on-site personnel with live streaming equipment to live streaming hosting packages allowing you to control the filming and encoding of your event.

We offer all the essential elements necessary for capturing and streaming live video in a conference environment your event around the globe. The production elements in general include tripod mounted professional quality video cameras with experienced cameraman, a technical director to stream your video, a portable workstation with streaming software, the creation of title graphics and overlays as well as incorporating the presenters’ slides with the stream.

The live conference stream can also be archived and immediately made available to the public after your event concludes. We also provide you with a high quality mixed digital recording of your conference at the conclusion of your event.

We provide robust, high-performance live streaming of H.264 and On2 VP6 video, enabling you to deliver live video feeds and support a high volume of subscribers in real time.

We also archive live streams on the server and enable DVR functionality, allowing you to pause a live stream, or seek backwards into video that was missed. This means that if a user connects to the stream and has missed the beginning of the event he can go back and watch it from the beginning.