Ice Skating

I have competed and medalled in the British Championships multiple times, which has led me to be a member of the Great British figure skating team for 3 years running. In the time that I was a member of the squad I represented my country at many ‘high profiled’ international events in Poland, Luxembourg and Latvia, where I finished with a silver or gold medal in every one. Nationally I have been ranked consistently within the top 3 of my country throughout the time of my competitive career.


My signature move – ‘The Cantilever’


Magic on Ice – Lille, France








My competitive career has been successful, however I now feel as I turn 18 soon the time has come to pursue my ultimate ambition of a career in shows.

Since a very young age, I have ultimately wanted to perform in figure skating shows; at the age of 11 I started performing a ‘Charlie Chaplin’ routine where I frequently won novelty competitions. I then went on to perform the same routine in front of large audiences at ice Gala events. The routine proved to a crowd pleaser and in 2008 an updated version of it helped me win through to the final 20 out of thousands of entrants in the TV show ‘Dancing On Ice – Make Me A Star’ where I had to perform in front of a panel of judges including Jane Torvil and Christopher Dean. In addition to this I have 9 years experience performing in local club shows where I have been principle for the past 5 years. My competitive career and experience in the club shows has led me to do press events advertising myself and the pantomime to local news papers, radio stations and local shopping centres.

Finally I have previously been nominated as a talented performer of sport for a sport and player recognition award where I was awarded runner up in my region.

Here is my audition video taken before leaving my competitive career and moving in to shows: